The Recently Changed Gambling Environment And Its Choices

Changes and a series of choices made in the gambling environment

The changes made in the gambling environment include the following:

The number of different types of gambling available has increased.

The amount of advertising for sports betting is increasing along with community awareness and concern that this is creating new groups of vulnerable gamblers.

The internet, smart phones, tablets and the apps that go with them have transformed the way we gamble.

Access to gambling has increased and it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, you can gamble.

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The gambling involved in making a series of choices include the following:

You had to go to a gambling venue when it was open

You had to be 18. To play the pokies, you needed to line up for change

To bet on the horses, you needed to line up, make your selections and place your bet

Today, all you need is a smart phone, an online bank account and a minute or two to register with an online betting agency.

While keeping gambling in controlled environments won’t stop people from developing a gambling problem, making gambling mobile and more accessible, that means the temptation and the ability to gamble.

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